Conference Issue

A special issue of the ICES Journal of Marine Science was published. It contains several conference contributions, including a summary and a graphic novel summarizing the  challenges ahead in understanding marine socio-ecological systems.

Keynote speakers

The keynote speakers at the conference were recorded

Alida Bundy

Introductory talk from Alida Bundy at MSEAS 2016

Torgeir Edvardsen

Introductory talk from Torgeir Edvardsen at MSEAS 2016

Jake Rice

Fisheries governance in an SES system: All things for all people or all things for all creatures?

Edward Hugh Allison

Adventures in Edward Hugh Allison: Unexpected Insights for Coastal and Marine Governance from Interdisciplinary

Anthony Charles

Assessing and managing a multi-sectoral multi-objective ocean: Challenges for integration and participatio​n

Mark Dickey-Collas

Introductory talk from Mark Dickey Collas at MSEAS 2016

François Gauthiez

Introductory talk from François Gauthiez at MSEAS 2016

Pim Visser

Introductory talk from Pim Visser at MSEAS 2016

Beth Fulton

What's easy and hard about modelling socioecological systems

Serge Garcia

Fisheries from biological clockworks to socio-ecological systems and ecosystems services

Linwood Pendleton

Indicators, indices, and essential variables: Oh my! A decidedly non-statistical take

Simon Levin

Dealing with public goods and common-pool resources in marine ecosystems​​​​

Paul Holthus

Introductory talk from Paul Holthus at MSEAS 2016

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