The Conference

The symposium will focus  on the integrated assessment of multiple ocean uses across sectors, including: fisheries, renewable energy, coastal development, oil and gas, transport, and the need for conservation.  Emphasis will be on the methodological and empirical challenges involved in including the human dimensions in integrated ecosystem assessments.

Understanding these complex social-ecological systems is a challenging new area of research that combines multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary components. The integrated marine focus is relatively new, as previous research efforts have either been terrestrially focused or dealt primarily with single sectors.

Next Steps...

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Meet the Team

The MSEAS 2020 conference in Yokohama will be organized by a team of scientists working on marine socio-ecological systems around the globe.

Marloes Kraan_400

Marloes Kraan

Marloes Kraan is a marine social scientist working at Wageningen University & Research. She is interested in contributing to increasing inter- or transdisciplinarity in marine research, interactive fisheries governance and improving the applicability of social science in fisheries science and policy.  She is co-director of the Centre for Maritime Research and co-chair of the WGSOCIAL at ICES.


Rich Little

Rich Little is a Senior Research Scientist and Research Group Leader in Fisheries Assessment and Economics in CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere, based in Hobart, Australia. His research specialises in modelling population dynamics, economics, risk management and decision-analysis in natural resource and marine environmental science.


Douglas Lipton

Doug Lipton is Senior Research Scientist for Economics with NOAA Fisheries in the United States and Emeritus Professor in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of Maryland. His research interests entail incorporating economic analyses of market and non-market benefits in ecosystem based fisheries and coastal management. He also has interests in the economics of marine aquaculture.


Keith Criddle


College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
University of Alaska Fairbanks

Key words:
Aquaculture, Fisheries Conservation, Sustainable Harvesting, Human Dimensions and Community Development, Fisheries Management


Makino Mitsutaku

Mitsutaku Makino is a Professor of the Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute (AORI), University of Tokyo.

He is interested in Trans-Disciplinary research on fisheries and marine ecosystem conservation policy.

He is the Vice Chair of the Human Dimension Committee of PICES.

AlW (400)

Wojciech Wawrzynski

Science diplomat

PhD in political economics

Head of Science Support at the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES), Copenhagen.

Co-organizer of numerous symposia and science events. Chair of the LME-LEARN Working Group on Ocean Governance Mechanisms. Serving also as lead support to the Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance Trilateral Aquaculture Working Group.


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